About me

  12+ years of custom software development

  using modern technologies

  thousands of users use applications developed by me or with my participation

  from $35 per hour.


You need to have just an idea (and maybe some money, yeah...). Everything other I can implement:

  create task specification;
  implement application;
  deploy to the "production" environment;
  provide testing and debugging;
  polish and develop new features;
  support it.
   Your project is big? Well, I can build a team.


Software applications developed just by me alone or with my participation

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Actuarial E-Learning System

Remote learning system for actuarial science.

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Cell-phone provider's software

Fixes and new features development of NVision's applications.

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Novusdata software

Applications for gas network of Czech Republic

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Security system of Securon

Application which receives events from alarm systems was migrated to latest technologies with full data export.

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Feedback service

System accepts feedback from service recipient about quality of service. Then it can be analyzed and improved.

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Tariff Analyzer

Imports information about cell-phone customers from sources with different structure and generates reports by needed filters.

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Hospital salary estimator

Hospital planned to move to the new model with payment per work hour versus fixed salary.

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Karting Club's application

Application serves all needs of karting club, from lap time receiving up to cash operations.

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EterioInfo CMS

Simple platform for creating structured sites by unprofessional users

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Electricity consumption calculator

Application calculates and redistribute loses within summer community's electric network.

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Dofinium Learning management system

Application for educational process management

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Platform for Internet shops

Warehouse and online-shopping system

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Chat application

Simple analog of ICQ (Viber, Skype) messenger.

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Dating network

Early social network

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Simple content management system

Allows to create pages and add content there.

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Eterio message board

Simple message board

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Automated testing

More than 30 automated tests developed

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Comparator's software

Application for high-precision weighing machine

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Container's weighing machine application

Application for "TOM" industrial center

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Trucks weighing machine application

Application for measure mass of trucks

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Driver of digital mass sensor

HBM C16i mass sensor driver was developed and integrated into current applications

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Train weighing machine application

Improvements and critical fixes were implemented.

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Other projects

Old or small project. And whole history of mine... :-)

Contact me

Serhii Havrylenko

Full stack developer (C#, MS SQL, ASP.NET MVC, WebApi, Entity Framework, LINQ, jQuery)

  eterio@outlook.com    sngavrilenko  
            +1 (202) 93 03801

Service area: within 25 miles from Portsmouth, NH, USA with personal meetings or anywhere remotely.