Small but flexible software development

Creates bugs for 18 years ;-)



Full cycle of Software Development

Engineering and design

Development of new applications starts from gathering of business requirements and creating task specification. We can lead you through full process

Software development

Our company experienced in creating applications from scratch. Check our portfolio

Updating and migrating

If your application is obsolete, old-looking, not reliable or does not fit updated needs, we can upgrade it: update data structure and rewrite whole application to modern technologies. It may be big task, but better to start it in advance until at least one programmer able to support your system yet. Technologies changing all the time and same task may require 2 days for impelementation on obsolete technologies and 10 seconds on latest.

New features development

If your application "relatively not so bad" and requires just minor improvements, we can do it as well.


Eteriosoft has wide experience in integration with external systems. We can develop low-level protocols and implement communication with sofware applications and web services

Bugs? We love them (to fix)

Bugs are everywhere. Probably you saw "Some error happened" message without any explanations in your banking application. No? Because tester found it and developer fixed. Eteriosoft has comprehensive experience in software testing by different techniques. We can develop formal test plan, provide "smoke" testing, create bug reports and fix them. We able to solve problems with performance and develops automated tests as well.

Data import / export

Eteriosoft can export data from databases of obsolete updated systems to the new systems. If difference are significant, we can do it via cross-references. We can also import data from external sources (API) and build reports by your criterias.


When application has been created and polished, it is time to invite customers. Eteriosoft may deploy application and database to the production environment (web hosting, Azure services)

Content management

We can fill (with lower hourly rate even) your system by data from poorly structured content, improve and upload photos, etc. It may be one-time task, to fill references, for example, or periodical tasks for putting new items to shop for sale.


Even when everything ready and application produces millions of dollars, you may ask us to analyze logs, create specific reports or say how happy you are. We are glad to hear it.

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Our prices are really competitive. Only efficiently spent hours will be charged.

Sometime it is hard to estimate budget for whole project.

Then we can use "try and pay" model, when task will be divided to steps/stages and first step will be completed without pre-payment. The demo will be provided to you, as well as report. If you will like it, you will pay for completed step and we can go ahead, to the next step. If you do not like amount, we can stop at this point. No pressure, no obligations.

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Contact us


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Personal meetings are available in Hilo, Hawaii or within Big Island, Hawaii.

We do not have office, open for public.


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Telegram: eteriosoft

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